We are a London-based biopharmaceutical company using our expertise of opioid antagonists to develop modern addiction treatments. Right now, our focus is on completing the clinical trials of an opioid antagonist-based nasal spray for the treatment of Binge Eating Disorder, which is the……
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Binge Eating Disorder Treatment
Bulimia Nervosa Treatment
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LLTP Receives Funding Commitment From a Prominent International Research and Development Foundation
LLTP Files Investigational New Drug Application For Naloxone Nasal Spray For Reversing Opioid Overdose And Announces A Further Collaboration With The National Institute On Drug Abuse
LLTP Signs Agreement with Manufacturer for Opioid Overdose Reversal Treatment
Phillip Seymour Hoffman Didn't have to Die ("Time")
Joint Clinical Trial with NIDA Shows Nasal Delivery of Naloxone for Opioid Overdose a Promising Treatment
LLTP to Present at 6th Annual LD Micro Conference
LLTP Commences Two  Week Patient Trial with NIDA for Treatment of Opioid Overdose
Attention Opioid Addicts: Studies Could Save You from Fatal Overdose ("Forbes")

LLTP Announces Partnership with NIDA to Treat Opioid Overdose

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